Little Red

Melbourne melodicists Little Red’s debut record, Listen To Little Red, cheerfully acknowledged its debts to the music that inspired it – 50’s Americana, classic R&B, golden-era garage rock – while lithe and passionate enough to meld those same inspirations into something that sounded only like itself.

On ‘Rock It’, the first single from the Melbourne quintet’s as-yet-untitled sophomore album (due out this September on Liberation Records), the band lights out for new pastures. Sporting a cleaner, more hi-fi sound, that sprung to life in collaboration with producer Scott Horscroft (The Temper Trap, The Presets, Silverchair), ‘Rock It’ is party music of the best kind: warm, infectious, straightforward and unadorned.

‘Rock It’ is the sound of a band moving even further toward a sound entirely their own, blurring their influences as they do the decades of classic pop they draw from. Underpinned by a sly disco bass hook and spry piano, ‘Rock It’ mimics the experience of the rare summer nights that singer Dominic Byrne is evoking, building from the unhurried verse, as the friends gather in the city, trying to work out where to go, to an effortlessly anthemic chorus that grows, via the band’s trademark four-part harmonies and thick distorted guitar, into a widescreen aural picture of the most transcendent summer nights – the kind you don’t want to let go of, even when night turns to day.