London Grammar

London Grammar’s debut album “If You Wait” cracked #2 on the ARIA album charts in it’s first week, cementing Australia’s love for the British trio.


London Grammar is Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman, who formed the band while at university together. After being holed up in the studio for most of 2012 working on their debut album. Their first official single release, ‘Wasting My Young Years’, strode confidently around the world. Australia has shown their love for the track with the matching video lighting up the blogosphere.


It’s no understatement that London Grammar’s album was one of the most highly anticipated debuts this year, with “If You Wait” Taking out Triple J Feature Album. Each of the 11 tracks is testament to the trio’s innate understanding of the roles that subtlety, contrast and restraint have played in the creation of memorable, timeless and transcendent music. “That’s how this all started,” says Dan, “and it’s always been our primary goal, to keep space in the music. The way that, say, the guitar and vocal interact is massively important to us.”


Tracks like ‘If You Wait’ and ‘Flickers’ possess that strange duality of lament and defiance, filled with textures, colours, shadings and interjections that are subtle yet deliver devastating power. ‘Strong’, is the final, killer blow. Building – as you would expect from London Grammar – from nothing, from the barest of bones, Hannah’s soaring vocals propels the song to its crashing climax.


“The longer we’ve gone on as a band,” says Hannah, “the more we agree on what we’re doing and why. You eventually reach a point where you find your place, and you realise your music has found its place, too. You just know.” She’s right: they have found it.