Matt Davis

Matt Davis is the founding member of bands GerseyBombazine Black and The Wonder. He has performed extensively in Europe, the USA and Australia, and released ten records. He has also composed scores for feature and short films, theatre and television, and had countless compositions placed in films and TV shows worldwide including The RoyalsSleeper Cell, Standing Still, Look Both Ways and The Secret Life of Us. 

As a composer, Matt has created scores for films such as Air and L’Imbecile by Luke Davies, Sin Frontera by Israel Gutierrez, My Year Without Sex by Sarah Watt and Blind Company by Alkinos Tsimilidos. He has also composed theatre scores for The Rabble’s Cageling and Corvus, and Self-Saucing Pudding’s An Oration of Filth. 

Matt is currently working on his debut solo album with Point Lonsdale producer Nick Huggins. It is scheduled for release in early 2019.

Composing Demo Playlist – here

Showreel – here