Matt Fell


Matt Fell began his musical career in Sydney as a sideman for some of Australia’s top artists. After countless tours at home and abroad, Matt decided to unpack his suitcase and focus on his true passion . . . making records.

In the last few years, he’s gone on to produce many major-label and independently released albums and singles, ranging from modern rock to country to folk to pop and everything in between.

A true multi-instrumentalist, Matt is as comfortable playing every instrument on a session as he is simply producing a band. With a wide and inspiring array of guitars, keyboards and just plain weird stuff at his studio (Love Hz Studios) anything is possible.

“My goal is to take the sound inside an artists head and with all the tools we have here at our disposal, turn it into something they’d never imagined”.

Below is a list of just some of the artists Matt has produced.

Selected Artists
Tim Freedman, Sara Storer, Morgan Evans, John Williamson, Rachel Leahcar, Butterfly 9, Damien Leith, Paul Greene, Graeme Connors, Ian Moss, Amber Lawrence, Ashleigh Dallas, Wesley Carr, McCallister Kemp, Mike McLellan, Anthony Snape, Caitlin Harnett, Karl Broadie, Lianna Rose, Victoria Baillie, Clare Gabriel, Amity Dry, Tenielle Musulin, Planet Of The Stereos, Haley Jensen, Tracey Killeen, Sarah McMonagle, Matt Scullion, Felicity, Duncan James, Jake Nickolai, The Harmonators, Jackie Bristow, Tania Bowra, Shanley Del, Sam Hawksley, Golden Rough, Greg Cooper, Freedom 1, Jonahs Road, Ruby Slippers, Amanda Easton, Neiko, Troy Cassar-Daley, Chris E.Thomas, The Fragments, Jason Everly, Luke O’Shea & The Medicine Wheel, Slim Dusty, Akradia, Rachel Gaudry, Mishelle Bradford-Jones, Mark O’Shea, Amanda Thomas, Vanessa Kelly.

Contact Details:

0425 291286

11/99 Moore St
NSW 2040



Multi-purpose studio. Caters to all styles, country, rock, pop, folk etc.