Matt Nicholson

Matthew Liam Nicholson is a composer and band leader who has been active internationally for the past decade, recently having returned to Australia and now working from his studio in Anglesea.

Nicholson has carved out a singular and much-lauded body of work as composer, producer, multi instrumentalist & lyricist. His ambitious, evocative and often ecstatic compositions evince a rare gift for moving, filmic sound.

As a recording artist, Nicholson has worked with a revolving cast of many musicians and collaborators, including a full orchestra, to create a genre-defying mix of rock, classical, folk, psychedelic, orchestral, minimal, world, modern, experimental, electro-acoustic and ambient musics.

After his early days with The Golden Lifestyle Band and Warped, Nicholson has put out two albums as Function Ensemble and one as Outshine Family which are all a steady stream of expansive, critically acclaimed releases, each cohering around his almost limitless capacity for exploration and invention, his intuitive, sure grasp of an incredible variety of seemingly disparate musical styles and his sensitive and intricate production.

Nicholson has scored and produced extensive soundtracks for monumental scale image-art installations, documentaries and short films, and has recently begun to have his music synchronised commercially.

Nicholson is a prolific collaborator and enjoys access to a plethora of musicians across the world and it’s traditions.
Most of Nicholson’s activity has been overseas in recent years – some press excerpts from this period follow –

‘Stretches the ethereality of dream-pop into blissout. A freak for sound..’
Pitchfork, USA (rating 8.2)

‘Nicholson’s music retains a clear authorial voice and purpose offering a series of panoramic variations’
The Wire, UK

‘almost impossibly beautiful..’
Dusted, USA

‘a broad and startlingly mature representation of world musicianship. Matt Nicholson can already be justifiably labelled as one of alternative music’s answers to Western art’s more consummate assimilators of the East’
Tangents, UK

‘stretches and glides through a cornucopia of musical styles with consummate ease. A walk through an audio rainforest and beyond..’
Terrascope, UK

‘sweeping, skyward epics, worthy of Olympic closing ceremonies or peyote snacks by the “fire spot” in the woods…’
Prefix, USA

‘overwhelming compositional talents and production styles’
Boomkat, UK

‘the power of nature digitized and the heart of humanity released from its societal mores, all in one album’
Kyndmusic, USA

“epic in an intimate way”
Bowlegs, UK

‘Fans of The Books, Low, Animal Collective & Broken Social Scene need to hear this densely layered pop masterpiece..’
Reckless, Chicago

‘Brilliant sound, inspired samples, field recordings, world music, elegiac melodies, the orchestra of a new era..’
Decouvrir Absolument, Paris

‘Matthew Nicholson builds a perfect puzzle, both delicate and coarse, each piece is placed in the right place’
Losing Today, Paris

‘A foray into transcendentalism… Nicholson seems to borrow more from Emerson than from Indie rock’
Ampcamp, USA

‘He’s a lyricist of wry wit and rare intellectual cunning, a poet who disses his subjects with a hearty, Zen-flavored circumspection..’
Flagpole, USA

‘…forging a sublime juxtaposition’
Neumu, USA

‘fits perfectly among the newest heroes on the edge of the singer/songwriter territory..’
Psychedelic Folk, Belgium

‘If pain persists, put it on again..’
Sydney Morning Herald