Merenia Gillies

Merenia Gillies is a multitalented, beat throwing musician, who sings in 5 languages and takes great joy in mischievously bending the rules when it comes to her music. Her personal musical style will without a doubt seduce as the sounds of her own distinctive fusion of Dance, Soul/Funk, Electro, Latin, House and World flow into the universe.

Her ability to twist and produce these addictive raw sounds is why this rising star is quickly becoming one of Sydney’s most inimitable and popular female recording artists and live performers – particularly in the Club and Latin genres.

A powerhouse performer on stage with the most instinctive vocal talents of her generation, Merenia Gillies is constantly in demand to collaborate on both studio and live performances. Since relocating from New Zealand to Australia, she has collaborated and lent her musical style to a staggering variety of international acts and leading Australian artists including; Paul Mac, Omega Man, All Good Funk Alliance (US), Richard Earnshaw (UK), Stephen Allkins (Love Tattoo), Kate Munroe, The Bamboos, Declan Kelly, Rephrase, Russ Dewbury, The Sound Conducterz, Afro Moses (Ghana), Watussi, Oscar “el Duro” Jimenez and Reyes de la Onda.

Born in Rotorua, New Zealand, MereniaGillies was signed to Pagan Records at the age of 16. With her heritage a mixture of Maori, Romany Gypsy and Welsh, she embraces and indulges in an eclectic array of musical influences. She creates by using the traditional styles of her ancestry as a platform for layering hypnotic beats and sultry, soaring vocals which then translate into accessible pieces of music which slip into the decks of clubland as easily as they might slip into the lounge room stereo.

Merenia Gillies has spent the last few years crafting her debut album (‘Libertine’), forming her own band and touring with the likes of Love Tattoo on a national club tour. Most recently Merenia Gillies performed at one of Australia’s most well respected Soulful House Music Events, SHE (Soulful House Music), she also appeared at both Festival of Sydney 2008 and Playground Weekender Festival, undoubtedly receiving crowd approval from both packed out shows.

MereniaGillies was recently signed to ABC Music Publishing and is about to set the Australian club and festival scene on fire with a handful of showcase performances in honor of her debut release ‘Libertine’ (out 20 September 2008 through Catalyst Recordings / Inertia). Her own band includes a carefully hand picked selection of Sydney musicians, Adm Ventura, Declan Kelly, Percy Robson and Daniel Goodacre who support her in bringing the sounds of her newly completed debut album ‘Libertine’to the stage.