“Jetlag is an expression of my deep love for my wife, my happiness and excitement for a new place in my life, my sadness or fear of stepping out of my old life… Jetlag is about dancing between two worlds simultaneously, learning about myself through the process and ultimately making a choice to be with someone, to fully commit to that life even though it’s on the other side of the world.”

In 2004 Milosh released his first record, You Make Me Feel with the L.A. based label Plug Research, recorded in Amersfoort, Holland. He then released Meme with the same label in 2006, recorded in Toronto, Canada. He followed up with his third record simply called, iii, again with Plug Research as well as !K7 in Europe but this time recorded on the tiny island of Koh, Samui in Thailand. Milosh decided to take a slightly different approach and teamed up with Robin Hannibal of Quadron to work on a record under a completely different name, Rhye. They released their debut record Woman in 2013, which was recorded in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Jetlag is an intimate collaboration between Milosh and his wife Alexa.

“I feel one of the most important things in everything we do is in our intention behind how and why we do things. Music intention is the thing that separates music from a commercial project, sincerity from a numbers game. My intention in Jetlag and in everything I do musically is to put out music that comes from my life, experiences that have inspired me to create, encapsulate those moments and put them out into the world. I follow a seed of inspiration and allow it to dictate what that particular song is going to sound like, how it will feel and how the structure will form in order to coincide with that particular feeling or thought I am having. There is no set formula.”

“Jetlag is drenched in secrets, little sonic ghosts that riddle the record. It’s an electronic album in its texture and attitude but a lot of the sounds in this record are from the most intimate of places from my life. In ‘Do You Want What I Need’, I mic’d myself drumming on my wife’s tummy, brushing her skin; edit, cut up and reversed her laughs as we joked over the pure hilarity of it all. In the song ‘Jetlag’, the hand percussion that dances through the whole piece is me drumming on my bathtub both with water in it and empty. Pots and pans are used as drum hits and the glasses I drink from everyday clank together and are edited to fit these rhythms. Our dog Maya’s collar was used as she ran by during a vocal take. It became the definitive break into the B section in ‘This Time’.”

“Musically I am inspired by bands like Autechre, Boards of Canada, John Hopkins, Nosaj Thing, Radiohead… as they all have fun in their genre. They seem to create music that just drives them. I can’t honestly say any particular vocalist inspires me. I just sing in a way that naturally comes out of me, in a way I feel works with the music I create. It’s part of the puzzle that makes up an entire song, not the focus. Words are powerful and beautiful. I think this is something I spend the most amount of time on, whittling down grand ideas into something contained, small and precise.”
“I wanted to create a world with Jetlag that is both dense and subtle at the same time. My wife and I did all the photography for the album artwork together and I am creating all the video content with her to go along with the project. I want all of the elements that go into putting out a record to come from Alexa and me. We are the only people that can truly understand the intentions and meanings behind the songs.”