Mountains In The Sky

Inspired by sampling/electronic artists such as The Avalanches, Public Enemy, DJ Krush and Boards of Canada as well as experimental/exotic/psychedelic acts such Sun Ra, Brain Ticket, The Pretty Things, Amon Duul and The Strawberry Alarm Clock; John Lee began a collage of sounds. Creating what is best described as instrumental tone poems.

His first release as Mountains in the Sky is a collection of these lush cinematic excursions. Created using samples from obscure and eclectic records as well as performed instruments such as sitar, flute, guitars, synths, jaw harp, percussion and drums. “Celestial Sun” was a continuous journey through cotton fields, snow capped mountains, deep jungles and the cosmos. The feature track from the album Noah’s Arkestra was a favourite on Australian radio and eventually became the promotional track for the 2010 NBA playoffs in the USA.

This high profile synch opened new doors for John as he started composing for TV, TVC, and film.

The next Mountains in the Sky release was the Accipio EP which stemmed from the bands live explorations of extending and morphing compositions. Then the Electron Suite LP followed with more emphasis on up beat electronic psychedelia. The feature track X-Gamma is another excursion into the unique sounds of exotic-psych-beatronica.

Since the release of Electron Suite John has been focussing on composing for TV, most notably 5 seasons of the Channel Ten/Southern Star TV drama Offspring staring Asher Keddie, as well as building his Phaedra Studios complex and producing for local artists such as Lost Animal, Pikelet, Worlds End Press and Love of Diagrams.