When Mikey Bee was playing a solo show in Australia, American film-maker Taylor Steele happened to be in the audience and was intrigued by the performance. The film-maker approached the musician with a different way of writing songs.  “How would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?”. The musician answered with a song washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial.  A discovery of new music was explored.

Together they pushed the idea of a song telling a unique story while being part of a visual story, played out over an album which came to represent life’s cycle – a journey from one side of the day to the other, as much as from one side of life to the end.

The band name came about when Mikey and Taylor were thinking about what experience they were trying to create with the music. “We wanted something bold, ominous but also simple and stoic. There’s a mountain close to where we were working, it’s the first place to see the sunrise in Australia, the first place the sailors would see from the ocean and when they saw it, they knew they were close to Point Danger, a reef that would ground them if they didn’t turn east”. Bold in nature, ominous in name and simple and stoic to view, the name MT WARNING was agreed upon. It also conveniently shares their initials in the title, hence the pronouncement M, T, WARNING.

MT WARNING released the debut album to some incredible reviews including AAA Backstage: “Sonically. Midnight Set is stunning”, a 7/10 review in UK’s prestigious UNCUT “Immensely affecting” and UK’s Guardian ‘band of the day’ where comparisons were made to The National and Sigur Ros.

MT WARNING have played all over the world in the last year and a half but to play Splendour in the Grass, their hometown, is the most rewarding of all. A new EP “Petrified Heart” is expected shortly.