Nameless Sons

Nameless Sons are Paul McLaney, Andrew Park and Malcolm Blake.

The formation and concept of this three piece began in a conversation between Paul and Andrew about the nature of rock music, particularly in representing what a rock band is. As technologies have advanced some of the spontaneity and “conversation” in the recordings of rock bands has had the rough edges smoothed off to produce a more “perfect” sounding cut. The decision was made that should they decide to work together only live takes would be released.

Both had played in numerous projects (Gramsci, SJD, Concord Dawn, Dream City Film Club (UK)) and decided the laborious overdubbing approach did not capture the spirit of what drew them to music. With the addition of Malcom (ex Looma) on drums they found a musical ally and set about rehearsing material. The result was a four song, one day session at Roundhead Studios, with all elements of the recording being captured live to 2 inch tape, utilising The Who’s Neve desk and bypassing computer technology altogether.

‘Forgive/Forget’ is the first taste of many singles to come.