Sandy Mill

“Sandy Mill is a goddess: an amazing vocalist and brilliant percussionist” – undertheradar

With an  enviable world class curriculum vitae  of collaborations, recordings  and  powerhouse vocalist work , the supremely talented Sandy Mill prepares to step out into the musical landscape with her own creation… her debut solo album,

A Piece of Me.

Born in Gisborne, New Zealand of Ngati Porou descent, Sandy Mill has a diverse list of releases, collaborations, live and guest appearances as a vocalist, songwriter & percussionist in Aotearoa / NZ and the UK.

Sandy is well known for her generosity as a musician and her breadth of talent and accomplishments. She is as proficient performing sixties pop melodies and harmonies for New Zealand super-troupe, The Bellbirds (with Victoria Kelly, Don McGlashan, Sean Donnelly)  as she is improvising, using her voice as an instrument to recreate gregorian monk chants (with producer Flood reworking of Gary Numan’s Cars album), and across layered irregular time signatures in celebrated 90’s avant-garde, free jazz / dance quartet, Spacesuit. “Basement Jaxx asked me to scream and yell a lot. Not much singing went on in that session, but I learnt another way of approaching the recording process”, she laughs.

The constant here is not just the voice, but also the philosophy. Sandy shares, “I always bare my soul, I can’t help that. I have a carnal need to mix genres, experiment, always strive for better but I know when it’s time to step back; enjoy and embrace the creative process – the good, the bad and the boring. And I don’t let fear stop me from trying something new.”

As one of New Zealand’s most noted vocalists and percussionists, it surprises most to learn Sandy has not had formal training bar “a few singing lessons”. An Audio Engineering and Music Production course at Tai Poutini (now MAINZ) developed Sandy’s understanding of the recording process “and how all the gear works”. Now teaching herself guitar and using piano to compose, which Sandy confesses she cannot technically play, “ but I can plinky plonk until I find the chords I’m after…”

More details about the solo debut album will be revealed in coming months, but rest assured, this multi genre spanning artist has a wealth of New Zealand musician friends  and fans that have rallied to shine a light on her incredible talent.


Sandy Mill has performed, worked or collaborated with… SJD (current), Nicole Matsuda, Spacesuit, The Roughness, El Hula, Michael J Sheehy,  Breed, New Telepathics, Heavy Deviance, The Bellbirds (with Don McGlashan, Victoria Kelly & Sean Donnelly) Dick Trevor, Eric Kupper, Boy George, The Basement Jaxx, Chaz Jankel (The Blockheads), Liquid People, Placebo, Dimitri Tikovoi,  Harry Lyon, Graham Brazier, Hammond Gamble, Alistair Riddell, Subware, Pitch Black, The Hitlist, The Dead Flowers, Jed Town, Dick Trevor, Leyton, Dave Dobbyn, Neil Finn, Louis Baker, Estere…