Sinead Burgess

“I’ve never done this for instant gratification. I’ve done this because I love music”

Creative evolution is one of the key tenets of what makes great artists stand out. They determinedly follow their muse, seek out their strengths, discover their comfort zone and then push back those boundaries in the pursuit of greater refinement, personal satisfaction and their musical calling.

Sinead Burgess has proven she is clearly on the path to achieving just that – ever since she took her first tentative steps into the world of songwriting at the age of 5, began performing live in her early teens and fell in love with playing guitar at aged 15.

That self-belief has empowered Sinead to experiment with different styles of music as her songwriting has evolved. A contract with ABC Music at the age of 16 led to a recording session in Nashville, with the intention of making a country album. Sinead knew in her heart that those recordings weren’t a true representation of her as a songwriter and took the bold step of following her musical instincts and talking to her label about making a different album.

Sinead began working with in-demand UK pop producer Stuart Crichton (Gin Wigmore, Pet Shop Boys, The Sugababes); the success of those sessions leading to the start of an exciting new relationship with Universal Music Australia. Four years later and after live performances and intensive songwriting in Australia and the USA, Sinead is ready to release her New York-recorded EP Wolf.

The Wolf EP is Sinead at her most potent and realised as a recording artist. She blends her many influences – indie-pop, rock, electronica – into a glorious collection of immersive pop songs. It is pop music in the sense that hooks and melodies burst from the music in a heady rush. It is honest and confessional pop music by the nature of songs existing at the junction of danceability and emotional resonance.

There are stories of emotional pain (Psycho), brave honesty (Top Of The World) and the trials and tribulations of personal experience (Dublin) across the EP; all of it framed in detailed production and arrangements. Big themes call for a rich and elaborate sound and Sinead has used the melodrama of big piano chords, soaring strings and tumbling drums to soundtrack a world influenced by iconic artists such as Florence Welch, Kate Bush and Tori Amos. On Bones she exquisitely incorporates the type of lush and intimate electronica invoked by acts such as The xx.

Fickle Heart strips back the music and shines a spotlight on the core of Sinead’s songwriting craft. Sinead’s strong and pure voice pulls heavily on the heartstrings showcasing her devastating ability to convey the torment of a struggling relationship.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have taken the time to find myself as an artist, so that when I say something, I really mean it and have lived it. I went away and lived in the States for a while, fell in love and fell out of love, found myself and lost myself a little too. Every experience of pain, pleasure and growth adds to what I have to say as an artist, and I can’t wait to share that with people through music.”