Sonny Trulove

As a founding member of successful Australian rock band The Valley, record producer, and writer Sonny Truelove brings a powerful combination of songwriting skill and the necessary musical ear to bring out the best from each artist he collaborates with in the studio.

After The Valley disbanded, Sonny established STL Studios in Sydney and began writing and producing for a broad range of artists from around Australia and the USA,  including his most recent work with Young Lions, In Hearts Wake, Polaris, The Brave, The Amity Affliction, Angelas Dish and Prepared Like A Bride.

Having also worked with some of the best local and international producers such as Grammy nominated producer Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette (Studio Barbarosa US), Ben Humphries & John Mitchell (Outhouse Studios UK), Blair Simmons and more, it’s little wonder that Sonny is able to deliver a major label quality songs, and mixes on his records . And it’s something he is quickly gaining a well deserved reputation for in the music industry.


Sonny Truelove Credits:

Recording credits –

The Amity Affliction – Born To Die Radio Release (Mixer)

Sienna Skies – The Constant Climb LP – (Producer/Engineer/Mixer)

Young Lions – Burn LP (Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Co-writer)

Young Lions – Blue Isla LP (Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Co-writer)

Young Lions – Spaceman LP (Producer/Engineer/Co-writer)

Polaris – The Guilt & The Grief EP (Producer/Engineer)

Prepared Like A Bride – Soul of the World single (writer)

Prepared Like A Bride – Overcomer LP (Producer/Engineer)

Prepared Like A Bride – A Dangerous Journey EP (Producer/Engineer)

For All Eternity – White Flame (Producer/Engineer)

The Brave – Epoch LP (Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Co-writer)

Graves – Monster LP (Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Co-writer)

Co-write specifics –

Young Lions – Burn LP

  • Burn (co-writer)
  • Sleepless Rest (co-writer)
  • The Runner and the Fighter (co-writer)
  • Grave Digger (co-writer)
  • Non-Believer (co-writer)
  • Blood and Water (co-writer)
  • Prison Pains & (writer)
  • Frail Futures (co-writer)
  • Take Me Home (co-writer)
  • Burn (co-writer)


Young Lions – Blue Isla LP

  • When Will We Be Free (writer)
  • I Know I (co-writer)
  • Deliverance (writer)
  • The Gold Was Never There (writer)
  • Breathe (writer)

Young Lions – Spaceman LP (to be released, co-written)


Polars – The Guilt & The Grief EP

Regress – (co-written)


Prepared Like A Bride – Soul of the World (writer)


The Brave – Epoch LP

  • Searchilghts (co-writer)
  • Break Free (co-writer)
  • Eclipse (co-writer)
  • Dreamless (co-writer)
  • Ignited Youth (co-writer)
  • 1945 (writer)
  • Escape (co-writer)
  • Undone (co-writer)
  • Epoch (co-writer)
  • Legacy (co-writer)
  • Slipping Away (co-writer)

Graves – Monster LP

Ratface (co-writer)

The Beautiful Monument – ‘Im The Sin’ LP –

  • Justify (writer)
  • Perceptions (co-writer)
  • Disoreder (writer)
  • Hostage (writer)
  • War (co-writer)
  • Empty (co-writer)
  • Manifestation (writer)
  • Comedown (writer)
  • Ashes (co-writer)
  • Manic (writer)
  • Liberated (writer)
  • Sins (writer)

The Beautiful Monument – ‘Upcoming 2019’ LP – (currently writing with the band)