Storm The Sky

Hailing from Melbourne, Storm The Sky are a young six piece who released their ‘Vigilance’ EP in 2013 to an overwhelming fan response. Their dual vocal attack and high energy live shows caught the attention of fans around Australia, with the self-released EP selling over 4,000 units and becoming a word of mouth hit. Touring Australia consistently for 18 months, their reputation as a hard working live act has made them a great draw for fans around the country.

Permanence was recorded in Arizona by US Producer Cameron Mizell, whose work includes Memphis May Fire and Sleeping With Sirens, amongst others. With the record being completely self funded, there was nothing to get in the way of the band’s vision for their debut album, which sets a completely new tone for the band with a more cinematic, atmospheric and dark direction. The full length also features guest vocals from Jake Taylor (In Hearts Wake), Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) and Trenton Smith (Hands Like Houses).

Lead vocalist William Jarratt goes into detail with the concept of the album – “The idea of this album is based around reflecting on one’s existence, and wondering “What is the point of me even being here? How is my existence actually necessary? There are 7 billion people in this world, and I’m supposed to believe my life will do something more than theirs?” The last song on the album (Red Letter), is the manifestation of realizing that we don’t individually matter, and if the easy way out was the right one we all would have done it by now. Simplistically, for every negative or fatal urge we ignore, we make an immense impact on our strength, character, soul and mindset. This in turn, will reflect on everything around you, your friends, family, lovers, children and life in general. To put it bluntly, facing our personal value in our souls and accepting it. This is where the desire of not only living, but being remembered and leaving our mark on the world becomes prevalent, hence, achieving ‘Permanence’.”

The first single taken from Permanence is the blistering ‘Same Graves’, which is accompanied by a music video that is online now. Of the single Jarratt explains “I wanted to write a song that encapsulated everything I felt was detrimental to peoples lives directly because of religion without ever saying any ‘God doesn’t exist’ or that they’re wrong at all. The song basically is aimed at the extremist/cultist side of all religions. I wanted to express my concern for the people that spend their whole lives in repentance and fear that they won’t be in eternal bliss after they die. Basically my argument in the song is;
“You waste an entire lifetime for the possibility of getting I to “heaven”, if there is one. But what if ‘god’ (or whatever you want to call the field that connects us spiritually) only gave us one chance? What if; in this life we can choose to live in heaven or hell and that explains why pessimistic people manifest their own tiny and depressing footprints on earth and why the optimistic people are truly great and achieve amazing things”.