Témé Tan

Témé Tan is the alias of multi-instrumentalist and producer Tanguy Haesevoets.

As a child, Tanguy grew up playing in the “matiti”, the weeds in the back of his yard in Kinshasa. Being of Congolese descent, his first musical memories were the rumba records his uncles played at family reunions and the zouk tapes of his cousins. Celebrating his 18th birthday at a Beastie Boys concert, the performance changed his life forever. He decided to become a musician no matter what, and in college, he learned the guitar listening to Brazilian and Malian music and produced his multi-layered demos with Mini Disks and a second-hand MPC 2000XL.

After travelling in Andalucía, Japan and Guatemala it was in the south-woody part of Belgium that Témé Tan shaped its sound. Heavily influenced by the likes of Grizzly Bear and Radiohead just as much as by Bombino, Staff Benda Bilili and Ali Farka Touré, Tanguy broke the genres and his music felt free of classification.