Tex Perkins

On the back of their chunky debut single – Crawl Back, The Ape’s marvelous self titled debut album is out October 4th

“A little tough, a little boozy, and a whole lot of balls. The rest of the set was a showcase of the tracks that will come from the album. Judging by the songs we heard tonight, it is bound to be a cracker of an album.”
Au Review

The Ape shares 99.8% of the same DNA as the human being – incredibly they’re almost ape!
Poor hapless humans, impossibly burdened with responsibility, intelligence and ambition.
They are doomed!
Wait… what is that sound?
Simple swinging Beats! Sweet screaming strings! Tunes as catchy as malaria!
It approaches…
It is the Ape!
Fear not! The Ape will not harm you!
The Ape loves you!

Exiled Spanish crime boss riff legend Raul Sanchez (Magic Dirt) on guitar; skin slamming, boy wonder Gus Agars (The Dark Horses) on drums and vocals; style king Pat Bourke on bass and piano; and the Arsehole … sorry, the artist formally known as Tex Perkins on vocals and guitar… The Ape.

“The Ape is the album I was born to make. It is the album that Richie – the president of the Tex Perkins fan club -has been waiting for. It is an album bursting with swing and grunt, and is easily the best thing I have ever done, or ever will do.”
Tex Perkins.

Recorded by Roger Bergodaz at Tender Trap Studios Produced by The Ape

The Ape bringing you primitive, filthy fun rock n roll since 2013
The Ape’s debut self titled album will be in store October 4th 2013, keep your eyes peeled for details.