The Brave

Not satisfied to rest in the laurels of a previous well received musical project from 2003, The Henrys, songwriter Matt Griffith wanted to broaden his music horizon. Over lunch one day with his friend Rodger van Raalte, also a songwriter yearning to find an outlet for his creativity, The Brave was birthed. Several songs were molded in a short amount of time over a handful of weekends, and the promise of a credible body of work began to take shape. With a bunch of exciting song ideas, Caleb James was approached to produce an EP, having worked on The Henry’s album in 2003. Shortly after, Mikey Mann, drummer and also an ambitious songwriter, joined the party. The scene was set, and here we are after only a short period of pre-production and recording. Callum Galloway from Castel also features on keyboards on a couple of songs and will be playing with us live.