The Heartache State

Justin Garner and Nick Barker have been playing together on and off for 15 years – Nick producing Justin’s band Southpaw’s debut album and Justin playing on Nick’s last solo record (Blackwater Blues).

Three years ago they hunched over some acoustic guitars and hammered a bunch of idea into songs that became The Heartache State’s debut self titled album. Justin loves The Allman Bros, Nick loves The Replacements, everyone likes The Stones, and so the band, with the addition of long time friend Venom on drums and Michael Hubbard on bass, is collision of all.

2017 sees The Heartache State’s second album ‘Last of the Buffalo’ venturing deeper down the same road.

“It was a bucket list thing in some ways, to record an album without a net if you like. We basically swapped ideas back and forth on our phones, then went into producer Shane O’Mara’s Yikesville Studios without any arrangements or real format for the songs. Then we sort of jammed them into shape and recorded them – so what you hear is the second or third time the song has ever been played. It’s a very 70s-centric approach I guess and some of the endings do ramble on a bit as Yikesville has a strict no fade policy!! But listening back now it was a great call and we love the bloody thing and couldn’t be prouder.

We’re not re-inventing the wheel, the old wheel goes OK.”