“Stamina” is the lead single from French producer, Vitalic’s forthcoming album, “Rave Age”. A ballsy track brimming with power, “Stamina” is a rubberised rave track primed for the club. For this one, Vitalic lets his hair down and composed a track that came to him quickly, naturally and under no pressure.

The irresistible energy that whizzes through “Rave Age” can, in part, be attributed to Vitalic’s DJing. “I’ve learnt what is effective when you play and what entertains me when I play,” he says. “This album is what I want to play when I DJ.” In stark contrast to his first two offerings, this album is Vitalic’s pop record , a notion first put to him by the album’s mix engineer, Stephane “Alf” Briat, the well-known Paris technician behind key records by Phoenix, Air and Jackson and His Computer Band.

“Rave Age” looks set to be one of the standout releases of 2012, an album that will kick start the summer proceedings. Get your rave on.