Sydney Writing Room – The Lock In


The Lock In is our new writing room in Sydney.

It is a space for Mushroom published writers to utilise for writing, co-writing, collaborating, listening / mix-referencing etc.

The room is located within the Mushroom Group office in Woolloomooloo and the set-up is simple, making it easy for anyone to show up and pretty much ‘plug and play’.

Below is a list of the gear that is currently in the room – we intend to add to this over time, based on the needs and feedback of our writers.


Interface: Focusrite Clarett 4PRE USB
Speakers: ADAM T5V Studio Monitors*
Mic: Audio Technica AT4050 Condenser Mic
Heaphones: Beyer Dynamic DT700 PRO
MIDI Controller: Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 key

Steck Upright Piano


Bookings for the room will be managed via our Sydney office, and are on a first-in-best-dressed basis.

‘The Lock In’ Address: 135 Forbes Street, Woolloomooloo, Sydney
Hours of Operation: 9.30am – 6pm, Monday – Friday

Click here to book