In 2013, Mushroom Music renamed the licensing division, Mushroom Sync. Our sync department has licensed both master recording and publishing rights since our inception. Mushroom Sync is a formalisation of this approach, bringing in additional staff, copyrights and resources to make more music accessible to our sync clients and reinforcing our long-held position as a leading sync department in Australia and New Zealand.

    We continue to pride ourselves on our service, responding accurately to brief and working quickly and effectively to time pressures and budget, whilst ensuring our songwriters and catalogues are being marketed effectively. It’s a balance that relies on a dynamic team and decades of experience. Since 1988, Mushroom has maintained its relationship with the long-running TV drama ‘Home and Away’. We’ve held a number of other exclusive deals along the way including: ‘Neighbours’ (1985 – 2018),  ‘Hamish & Andy’ (2010 – 2014), ‘Top Gear Australia’ (2008 – 2011), ‘The Secret Life of Us’ (2001 – 2005), and ‘Blue Water High’ (2005 – 2008). In recent years, Mushroom has also music supervised a number of feature films and TV, including ‘Blinder’ (2013), ‘Mine Games’ (2013), ‘Summer Coda’ (2010), ‘Two Fists One Heart’ (2008) and Molly (2016)

    We aim to minimise the effort for music supervisors and advertising agencies, and we punch well above our weight when it comes to landing TV Promos on major networks. Listening to our clients and our songwriters needs, and finding the best deal for all parties has always been our goal and strength.

    To make a licensing request, please use our Licensing Request Form