John Lee

Composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist John Lee works out of his boutique Phaedra Studios, located in Melbourne Australia. His compositions are inspired by a broad appreciation of music and characterised by a delicate attention to mood and emotion. He has scored for television commercials, theatre, ABC TV and is currently working on Offspring, a Southern Star/Channel Ten production. As Mountains in the Sky he creates cinematic tone-poems that defy general categorisation.



2010 – 2014 Offspring (series 1 – 5, 65 episodes) Composer

2010 Dance Academy, Composer (specially commissioned song for dance sequence)

2009 Artscape- Artist at Work- Alasdair MacIntyre (documentary), Composer

2008 Underbelly, (Mountains in the Sky track)


2013 One Night Stand, Composer

2010 Little Deaths, (Mountains in the Sky track)


2011 Shell Composer

2011 Bonds Composer

2011 Allens Arranger

2011 Medibank Composer

2011 AAMI Arranger

2010 Tooheys Remix Engineer

2010 Myer Composer

2010 Coke Composer

2010 Myer  Composer

2010 Knog Composer

2009 US Cellular (USA) Composer

2009 Vodafone Composer

2009 Vic Road Composer

2008 Volvo Composer

2008 Just Car Insurance Composer

2007 Myer Composer

2007 BP Composer

2006 NBA Playoffs (USA) Composer


2008 Mountains in the Sky, Electron Suite, Composer, Producer

2006 Mountains in the Sky, Accippio, Composer, Producer

2005 Mountains in the Sky, Celestial Son Composer, Producer