Mushroom Music is the most successful independent music publisher in Australasia and has been in operation since 1972. Its repertoire is focused on Australian and New Zealand writers and includes some of the greatest in these countries today. The historic catalogue extends from the late 60’s classics by Billy Thorpe and The Loved Ones through to Daddy Cool and important acts in later decades including The Triffids, Skyhooks, Hunters & Collectors, Split Enz, Boys Next Door, Models, Sunnyboys, Yothu Yindi, Archie Roach, The Chills, Dance Exponents and The Bats.  Significant artists from the past thirty years are strongly covered in our catalogue and we are very proud to consistently sign a new wave of talent including Nick Murphy, D.D Dumbo, Dan Sultan, Violent Soho, Julia Jacklin, Vance Joy, The Preatures, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Gordi, Bliss n Eso, Fraser A Gorman, Jess Kent, Dorsal Fins and DMA’S.

Mushroom Music is proud to represent many of the world’s premier independent publishing catalogues. We provide comprehensive administration and creative services on behalf of our partners including significant companies such as Big Deal Music, Spirit, Reservoir/Reverb and Mute. We also look after a number of smaller catalogues which are an important part of our business.

Mushroom Music has developed an impressive roster of international artists who have signed to us directly for representation in Australia and New Zealand. These artists have chosen to exclude our territory from their worldwide deals in order to work with us specifically in Australasia. We have long standing relationships with flagship acts such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jack Johnson. We also invest in developing international talent having signed the likes of The Shins, Band of Horses and London Grammar.


Sam Lockwood, The Jezabels

We didn't really understand what publishing was when it came time to doing a publishing deal. We kind of do now - but that doesn't really matter. We have Mushroom on our team so we don't have to worry about a thing. They are the nicest people to work with, and you can feel a great energy when you are visiting their offices or just plain hangin' out with them. Essentially, they are da bomb.

Jonathan Notley, Bliss n Eso

The people at Mushroom have always been very helpful and resourceful with any questions and potential ideas we may have regarding our music writing.  Not to mention the team has always been very positive and friendly towards us which is a great thing when it comes to a business relationship. We've had difficulties in the past with the way certain companies account to us, so to be with an outfit that is both diligent and on time, every time, is a breathe of fresh air. The way it should be.

Lanie Lane

It is clear that the people who work at Mushroom actually love music, their artists and their jobs. They are super encouraging on an artistic level, and understand that encouraging creativity leads to writers making their best art, and that having great relationships with all they work with produces the best results. Getting a Glee TV promo last year was perfect timing and helped raise awareness for my first record.

Xavier Bacash, Gypsy & the Cat

Its easy for people who sign you, wether it be label or publishing, to become lax or shifted in their attention as time passes in a relationship. But with Mushroom, we've always felt like we are the only band on the roster. MG always seems to do more than he needs to and regularly exceeds all publisher duties, constantly propelling the ball forward so that all we need to worry about is making music.

Stu MacLeod, Eskimo Joe

When I first started in this industry, four points instantly became clear: 1. The vast majority of bands are in it for the music 2.The vast majority of the rest of the industry are in it for the money 3.There is a lot of money to be made in this industry. 4.The musicians are going to see fuck all of that money. We met with publishers, and never got much out of the experience except a free lunch, which is really nothing to sneeze at when you're a musician, (see point 4).  So we decided to hold off on signing our publishing until the right publisher came along.   Someone who was in this for the music.  Well, okay, as well as the cash too.  We met Linda Bosidis, and knew right away from the first free lunch that this was our team.  It seems to me that a lot of people in the industry forget why they started this business, and that is because they love music.  Over the years in the music industry, you learn how to pick the people that do it for the love. I'm happy to say that there's more than I originally thought.  And Mushroom are about as genuine as it gets.

Brooke Addamo, Owl Eyes

Mushroom Publishing is a home away from home for me. They signed me before I even had a record deal. It just felt right and it still does. I look forward to sharing the rest of my journey with them.


I love working with Mushroom. It feels like a big, ol’ happy family. They don’t bullshit around. I love their nurturing spirit. When we needed help they came to the rescue. There’s nothing more conducive for an artist than someone who believes in what they do. The people at Mushers have opened my eyes. I see how hard they work and I instantly stop whinging. Thanx MM.

Andrew Penman, Salmonella Dub

We fully understood the need to sign a publishing deal back in 2000. We had successfully managed our own publishing back in New Zealand for 8 years. By 2000 we were moving into a world market and we needed legal representation on our copyright outside of Aotearoa. We shopped around in Australia for some time. Back then there were no publishing companies for music in NZ and even the majors didn’t really understand publishing LOL! Mushroom seemed the right fit. We liked fungus and we like Michael Gudinski’s gung-ho tenacity. The deal we struck suited our DIY mainland independence. We still laugh today when fans sound a bit a taken back having heard us on Shortland Street and Home and Away. Our stock standard retort is...What are you doing watching that shit? We get paid to not watch it 😉

Anika Moa

I have such a deep, solid relationship with Mushroom. We've been together for over 10 years and they continue to be supportive and creative in their work with and for me. It's nice to be able to trust a company and to be great friends with the people who work there. Cheers guys and here’s to another 10 years!

Michael Young, Eddy Current Suppression Ring

As a bunch of skeptical people that have tried to keep outsiders out of our lil' band as much as possible, getting involved with Mushroom has been totally painless and even a tad pleasurable. Super nice people that help us in more ways than we could have realised, within the band and outside of it, and with no pressure to do anything that isn't up our alley. Also occasionally I look at my bank account and notice they have put some money in there, which is like Xmas to my presently jobless self.

Clare Bowditch

Five years ago, when I released my first single, Mushroom Music called me up for a chat. I was in no rush to sign anything, so this chat lasted four years. In the end, we just really adored Linda – she was always up front and straight with us, and Marty and I had a great deal of faith in her way of approaching things – this is how we came to fall under the Mushroom mushroom. What I feel when I’m on the phone or in the office or at a workshop with Mushroom crew is that they have a genuine desire to help me (just one songwriter in an ocean of songwriters) carve out a long and interesting musical life for myself. What more could I ask for? The fact that they somehow manage to couple this individually nurturing approach with a pioneering work-model that has seen them survive and thrive in an industry that is renowned for it’s spectacular crashes; this is very cool rare. The folk at MM have always said to us “If you need, anything, if we can help in any way, let us know how.” In the meantime, they keep pretty busy trying to help us all recoup. We like em a lot

Antonia Sellbach, Love of Diagrams/Beaches

Initially we didn’t know much about the wonderful world of publishing and were a little wary of it! Since those days, I have come to know the particular virtues of Mushroom first hand. Not only have I found them a joy to work with (they are a personable bunch to be sure!), but we have also benefited from our signing in some more unexpected ways than what I would have logically assumed. We have largely benefited financially from the pairing; something which in turn allowed us to travel to the states and fund our own recording. We also found that when we toured overseas, they offered up a bunch of contacts and invited people to our shows. For a fledgling tour, this support was really important for us. One of the people invited ended up being instrumental in us getting an overseas record deal with Matador Records. Its kinda a long chain of events but these kind of connections are invaluable when you are travelling and out of your element. This is just another way that quite unexpectedly, Mushroom remains an enigma within the industry and a truly great publishing company to boot...

Daniel Sanders, Gyroscope

Writing or creating a song and then being able to rock out to it with friends, family and fans is where it’s at hands down. This shit is fundamental. It’s the reason you learn to kick out the jams in the first place. Usually as soon as these songs are penned (depending on if they make the grade) they are subsequently recorded at some studio, stuck on CD by old mate record label and whisked out to Crazy Joe’s CD Shack. Meanwhile the bands/artists are given their touring orders in support of this release. While the live touring mayhem is in full swing it’s great to be assured those tunes you sweated over in the studio are getting to see the light of day. The Mushroom massive have been amazing in their respect and love for our band and their ‘above and beyond the call’ attitude absolutely rules. Lending us the keys to Macedon, Dave and his ride on lawnmower was truly inspiring and with such an adorable and hard working bunch working along side us nerds we’ll be okay... and it’s pretty great having the loveliest Linda as my go-to girl with any stupid shit I need to ask.

J. Walker, Machine Translations

In the murky and sometimes totally logic-defying world of music publishing, Mushroom stands out like dogs balls for it's ability to actually make a real contribution to their artists careers - firstly they are very well connected within the local TV and film industry which makes repaying publishing advances a reasonable expectation rather than a fantasy, and secondly they actually enjoy bringing like minded people together to help facilitate songwriting, production, label, and management relationships. Lovely people - can't recommend them highly enough, plus they don't scrimp on the odd free lunch...which, lets face it, is pretty bloody important.

Ashley Anderson, Katalyst

I have nothing but praise for the good people at Mushroom. They have helped me in numerous ways since our relationship started. They have worked hard to secure many opportunities for me over the past 4 years and I would recommend them to anyone thinking of signing a publishing deal. First class operation indeed.

Joe McKee, Snowman

Before Mushroom came on the scene we really had no idea whether we were any good or not, or whether anybody, outside our circle of deadbeat cronies, could even begin to enjoy the noise that we produced. Mushroom were the first to genuinely give a damn. They have allowed and encouraged us to make the music we want to make...and in the process they have given us the money to do so. They are in this for the right reasons people! They are not friends of the devil! They have faith in the words of SNOWMAN! If they hadn't had the guts to help us out, if they hadn't taken the risk on us, then we wouldn't have had the opportunities that we have had, and we wouldn't be in the fortunate position we are in, of making music our lively-hood.

Dom Mariani, The Stems

As a young Green Horn Rock and Roller in '87 I didn't really quite understand the real value of signing a publishing deal with Mushroom Music, but as a songwriter I'm so glad I did. It's been rewarding for me on many levels, and I feel fortunate and grateful that Mushroom Music has continued to help and support me in my musical adventures. Thanks a million.

Mark Seymour, Hunters & Collectors

Mushroom Music has been a consistent foundation to my songwriting career, for twenty years. As a publisher Mushroom works my songs creatively which is crucial in such a competitive market.

Tom Lyngcoln, The Nation Blue/Harmony

Mushroom Music Publishing have been a feast of support for a homeless group of terrible musicians, being us, The Nation Blue. We emerged from the backwoods of Tasmania and upon finding ourselves on mainland Australia, we never thought that we would have any contact with any of the population here. Imagine our surprise when we encounter Mushroom and the amazing team of brilliant and supportive people who occupy the highest peak of what is otherwise a barren and foreboding place to us three inbred half-wits.  They have been our lifeline in times of hardship and have supported us in every step of our treacherous journey. We, in turn, have provided them with  largely un-listenable and oft-times offensive material that they have  graciously accepted and converted into opportunity that has kept our band  alive and provided us with amazing experiences. We trust no one who ain't directly related to us, except for Mushroom Music and it is a relationship that we treasure and one that has allowed us to complete pretty much every major project we have embarked on. Thankyou Michael, Linda and Sarah!!!!

Chris Knox

I'm a DIY kinda guy, home-recording, mixing, mastering, do me own artwork, vids, PR puffery etc etc. Used to physically carry records around Auckland for Flying Nun in its early days, anything to avoid the machinations of the vast, lumbering and largely braindead mainstream record biz. Call me a control freak and you wouldn't be too far off the mark. Yet I will admit to being most happy to surrender some of that control to this Mushroom Music nonsense. Cos it'd be a very large pain to hafta do that collecting thing, to sell songs to the filthy bastards who make a mockery of our beautiful ballads in order to sell something, be it bread or cred, and to keep all the financial turmoil in some kinda order. So when I met Jamesy and recognised - however reluctantly! - some kinda kindred spirit, someone I could rip into with gusto and glee and who would rip back with every bit as much distorted joy, I took a punt that I could trust my precious product in his gnarled and sweaty hands. Such proved to be the case. And all the others I've met over the intervening years. They're all music fans, they believe in its evanescent powers. Benighted fools but lovable, y'know... But why hasn't Kylie done an album of my stuff?