Dean Tuza

Dean Tuza is an award winning songwriter, producer, engineer & multi-instrumentalist who first caught the attention of some of the world’s most respected producers after he helped create The Rubens’ debut album.

He has won a string of awards, achieved platinum sales in Australia and New Zealand and he has worked with some of the world’s leading labels, publishers and recording artists.

His career moved to new heights after he helped unearth The Ruben’s with the Indie music community embracing the unique and modern sounds Dean helped create.

Mushroom Group founder Michael Gudinski and eminent music producer David Kahne, (who’s worked with artists such as Paul McCartney, The Strokes and Regina Spektor) praised Dean for the Ruben’s early success.

His work with rising artists has added to his growing reputation as an exciting independent A&R and record producer, helping to uncover the talents of emerging acts including MOSSY, Stella Donnelly Leroy Francis, and Moody Beach.

Over the past 18 months Dean has also worked with the likes of These New South Whales, HVNQOK, Boat Show, Kim Churchill, Thelma Plum, Publique and Den.

Most recently he established an international production team made up of a clutch of renowned producers and engineers who together have a remarkable portfolio of work. The team is made up of Grammy Award winners David Kahne and Stuart White and critically acclaimed mixing engineers David Tolomai and Tony Espie.

Dean‚Äôs career is showing no bounds. His standing as an Australian producer will continue to gain momentum this year when both MOSSY and Stella Donnelly’s highly anticipated debut LPs are released.



Dean has won several esteemed industry awards, including:

The Australian iTunes Album of the Year,

Triple J‚Äôs unearthed Artist of the Year, APRA ‘Rock Work Of The Year’ Award and several Triple J Hottest

100 positions, which also included a top 10 place.



Dean’s writing and production work has also been used on several TV and film placements in internationally including:

Greys Anatomy


Revenge and

Disneys’ Lone Ranger Soundtrack.



Dean Tuza is based between writing / recording studios in Toorak, Melbourne and The East Village, NYC.


Toorak-  Residential Writing Facility- Designed by Walter Berley Griffin in 1929

Artist Bedroom

6’x 8′ Platinum Vocal Booth

High end analog and digital recording


NYC-  Residential Writing Facility

Three artists bedrooms (Where The Strokes recorded debut album ‘Is this it’)

High end analog and digital recording



(Equipment circulates between both studios.)

SSL 4000 32 Channels with 864pt Patchbay & Aux XLR Panel & tie

Atomic Instruments PSU

Tangerine Automation Interface 32 Channel

DL Panel with DL Mult & XLR Monitor Patchbay with ties to monitoring, converters, console,

analog, summing, CLASP, and aux bay, includes DL (5) & stereo XLR patch cables (3)

XLRF (24) XLRM (4) TS (2) CAT5 (2) Panel with ties to DL & XLRF (4) TS (2) Panel

SSL 96pt Aux Patchbay DL

Switchcraft 96pt Aux Patchbay DL

Antelope Audio Eclipse 384

Antelope Audio 10M



AVID Protools HDX (2)

AVID Artist Mix

Magma 3 Slot PCIe TB Chassis

SSL DeltaLink

SSL AlphaLink SX (3)


Lynx Aurora 8 with LT-TB & LT-HD

Cranesong HEDD192 (2)

Endless Analog CLASP 24 Channels

Apple Mac Pro 3.7GHz Quad Core  16GB RAM

Apple Mac Pro 3.7GHz Quad Core 12GB RAM

Apple MacBook Pro 16GB RAM

Apple Cinema Display

Apple Thunderbolt Display

Anchor DAW Cart (2)

Emes Mini-Owl

Triple P Pyramid

Auratone 5C (2) (pr)

Barefoot Audio Master Stack (pr)

Barefoot Audio MM27 with Anchor Stands (pr)

B&W 805D with stands (pr)

Anchor Monitor Stands (pr)

Electrocompaniet 250r

Electrocompaniet 120A

Yamaha P2200 (mono)

Oz Audio HR-4

Oz Audio HM-6

Aviom A-16D Pro

Aviom AN-16/i

Monster Power Pro 2500

Monster Power Pro 7000

API 6-Space 500 series Lunchbox with rack ears

API 2500

API 550M

API 525*

Neve 1064 (8) with 8 Channel Rack & PSU

Neve 33609J

Neve 2264ALB (2)*

Pete’s Place Mark VIII

Greiner Engineering Tools Sum.mation

Shadow Hills Equinox

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Shadow Hills PSU

Shadow Hills Mono Gama

Shadow Hills Mono Optograph

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

SSL XRack (2) & Mynx

SSL XR626, XR418 (2), XR618 (6), XR425 (6), XR625 (2)

Maag PreQ4

Moog The Ladder 500 (2)

Moog Analog Delay 500 (2)

Elysia Xpressor 500

Elysia Nvelope 500

Kush Audio Clariphonic

Chandler LTD Curve Bender

Chandler LTD TG2

Chandler LTD UMC

Chandler LTD PSU (2)

Millennia Media HV-3D 8 Channels with DC input option

Millennia Media NSEQ-4

Millennia Media TD-1 (2)

Retro Instruments 176

Retro Instruments STA Level

Retro Instruments 2A3

Retro Instruments Doublewide

Dramatic Audio Obsidian 500 with Dual Mono option

Alan Smart C1LA

Aphex EX BB 500 (2)

Bettermaker 502P

Drawmer DS101

Helios 500 Type 69 (2)

Little Labs Redcloud

Little Labs IBP jr

Little Labs VOG (2)

Standard Audio Level-or (4)

Valley People Dyna-Mite

Empirical Labs Distressor (3)

Empirical Labs EL500 (2)

Empirical Labs Derresser (2)

Universal Audio 1176

Universal Audio LA3A (2)

Dave Hill Designs Titan (2)

Creation Audio Labs LZ8 (2)

Creation Audio Labs MW1

Demeter Real Reverb*

Bricasti M7 (2) with M10 Remote


Lexicon PCM 41

Lexicon PCM 42

Roland Dimension D

BAE 11 Slot 500 Series Rack with Phantom & PSU (2)

BAE 6 Slot 500 Series Rack with PSU No Phantom

Undertone Audio MPEQ-1 (2)

Undertone Audio UnFairchild*

Eventide H8000FW with Remote*

Eventide DDL500 (2)

Harrison 32 EQ (7)

Thermionic Culture Vulture Mastering

SSL Matrix

Studer a827

Ampex ATR102 with 1/2″ headstock option

Equitech Son of Q

DBX 160A

Harrison 32 EQ (6)

Shadow Hills Mono Optograph*

Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph*

SPL Transient Designer 4

Triple P Pyramid

Universal Audio 2192*

Neuman u47

Neuman 269c

Neuman U87 Pair

Neuman KM184 Pair