Born in Fall River Massachusetts, the youngest of seven from a sax playing electronics technician father and a mother in nursing, Mark Lizotte aka DIESEL grew up in Australia and in the U.S. He formed the band ‘Johnny Diesel & The Injectors’ in 1986 from remnants of a previous band before embarking on a solo career in 1991.

In 2011 Diesel celebrated 25 years in the industry. With over 35 singles, 13 albums, 6 ARIA awards and record sales edging 1 million, DIESEL is a journeyman of music.

With blues music in his DNA, an influence largely from his Father’s record collection, DIESEL has blended styles to come up with a truly unique sound, punctuated with his distinct guitar playing and vocals.


1986 Forms ‘Johnny Diesel & the Injectors’ in Perth, WA.

1987 Relocates band to Sydney. A studio meeting with future brother-in-law Jimmy Barnes secures guitar slot and support slot on the “Freight Train Heart” tour. JD&I’s tour constantly – playing in excess of 250 dates in nearly as many days.

1989 Recorded in Memphis TN, ‘Johnny Diesel & The Injectors’ is released winning 2 ARIA awards. It becomes the highest selling debut by an Australian artist of all time to date, producing singles Don’t Need Love, Soul Revival, Lookin’ For Love, Since I Fell For You and Cry In Shame.

**1991 ** After touring the world twice, embarks on a solo career and starts working on second album.

1992 DIESEL ‘Hepfidelity’ debuting at #1 is released winning ARIA awards for best album and best male artist. Produces singles Love Junk, Come To Me, Tip Of My Tongue, Man Alive and One More Time.

1993 ‘The Lobbyist’ debuting at #1 is released, a mixture of studio and live tracks. Produces singles Never Miss Your Water, Masterplan and I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.

1995 ‘Solid State Rhyme’ is released achieving gold status. Produces singles All Come Together, 15 Feet Of Snow and Get It On.

1996 Wilson Diesel ‘Short Cool Ones’ is released, a collaboration with Australian blues harp and vocal icon Chris Wilson. The first Australian blues album to achieve gold status. Diesel relocates to New York City.

**1997 ** ‘Rewind-Diesel’ is released; a collection of his 17 singles so far.

2000 ‘Soul Lost Companion’ under his own name Mark Lizotte is released. Recorded in NYC and San Francisco, it produces the singles Dig, Satellite and what proves to become a crowd favourite Darling Of The Universe.

2002 ‘Hear’ is released producing the singles Angel Face and Battleworn.

2004 ‘The First Fifteen ’89-’04 Live’ DVD is released. Recorded at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, it reaches gold status.

2005 ‘Singled Out’ is released, a solo live recording which is the catalyst for DIESEL embarking on a juggernaut solo tour – a tour that will establish him as a solo performer.

2006 ‘Coathanger Antennae’ is released producing singles Crazytown, Saviour and Steal My Sunshine.

2008 ‘Days Like These’ is released producing the single Days Like These.

2010 ‘Project Blues Saturday Suffering Fools’ is released, a blues album featuring a horn section made up of ex-“Injector” Bernie Bremond and family members Hank (Father) and brothers Michael and Brian Lizotte.

2011 ‘Under The Influence’ is released, a collection of Diesel’s favourite and influential guitar music featuring tracks by Jimi Hendrix, Link Wray, Albert King, Neil Young and The Sonics.

2012 diesel makes his score debut with 6 part series “BIKIE WARS – BROTHERS IN ARMS “ contributing the theme track “ Highway Mind” and over 140 original score pieces.

‘You Get There From Here’ is released, a “hand picked” retrospective spanning 20 years of recordings.

2013 ‘Let It Fly’ is released.

2016 ‘Americana’ is released.


DIESEL started his experience with “strings” playing cello at the age of 8, not getting a guitar till the age of 14. He would later draw from his classical training with string arrangements making it in to many of his recordings and live performances.

The band’s name was never meant to be permanent; nor was ‘Diesel’ meant to be Mark’s stage name. Both came about as the result of a casual joke concerning the band’s bass player, John Dalzall.
“John had one kid and another on the way” Mark explains. “A friend of ours used to refer to them as ‘Johnny Diesel and his little injectors’, I thought it was funny”.
Then I got a call from the woman from the [Perth] venue where we were playing one night a week… “You’re starting to draw a few people,” she said. “I’m going to put an ad in the paper, does this nameless band have a name?”
I told her we were “Johnny Diesel and the Injectors”. “It was just a joke. I wanted it to appear in the newspaper to amuse John Dalzall but the name stuck.” “When we got to Sydney [in September 1987], our Management said, “Everyone will think you’re Johnny Diesel. Are you going to go along with it?” I wasn’t going to be stuck-in-the-mud, so I said, yeah. Whatever… fine”. DIESEL was a natural choice for recognition sake when departing the band and going solo in 1991.

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