Joel Quartermain

Producer/Writer Joel Quartermain is a 2-time ARIA and APRA Award winner who began honing his craft at 12 years old and which led to the
formation of acclaimed, multi-award winning trio Eskimo Joe.

Through Eskimo Joe, Quartermain worked alongside some of the world’s most revered producers including Gil Norton, Nick Luanay, Ed Buller and Dave Bascombe. His interaction with such A-List
practitioners exposed him to a wealth of collective wisdom, technique and experience, all of which ultimately set him on a path with Production.

Initially, working with fellow West Australian acts Little Birdy and End Of Fashion, Joel’s desire to channel his talent and energy towards Production increased, and by 2012, Joel had fully immersed himself in
the dual roles of Producer and Co-Writer, achieving local and international success via his integral involvement with Meg Mac and her highly lauded eponymous EP.

More recently, Joel has penned released compositions with Dustin Tebbutt, Dan Sultan and British India as well as Producing rising stars Morgan Bain and Elki.

Joel has relocated from Perth to Melbourne so as to expand his Production output and enjoy Melbourne’s fine weather.

To enquire about working with Joel please contact

Studio Specs:

WASTELAND STUDIO is a fully stocked and ready to roll space.  It has 3 acoustically designed live rooms along with a very comfortable control room.  We run Pro Tools HD along with BAE, API and Vintech preamps and EQ.  A great array of compressors and microphones are on hand to suit any need.


* Denotes Platinum Sales
2016 Dustin Tebbutt Wooden Heart (Single) Co-W
2016 The Lonely Rivals Save It For Tomorrow P/M/E/Co-W
2016 Elli Schoen Hard Heart P/M/E
2016 Morgan Bain Summed It Up P/M/E/Co-W
2016 Carãvana Sun Guerrilla Club P/M/E
2016 ELKI Thunder P/M/E/Co-W
2016 ELKI Sirens P/M/E/Co-W
2016 W.A.M Sounds of the Goldfields P/M/E
2016 Josh Johnstone Call In Whispers P/M/E/Co-W
2016 Valentine Vampire P/E/Co-W
2016 Fieu Impossible P/E/Co-W
2015 Teischa Couldn’t Care Less P/M/E
2015 Morgan Bain Why Don’t You Stay P/M/E
2015 Timothy Nelson My Luck P/E/Co-W
& The Infidels
2015 Pete Byfield 1 P/M/E/Co-W
2015 Lucy Peach Be So Good P/M/E
2015 Fieu Running P/E/Co-W
2014 Meg Mac Meg Mac EP P/M/E/Co-W
2014 Morgan Bain What You Believe EP P/M/E/Co-W
2014 Custom Royal Supernaut EP P/M/E
2014 Timothy Nelson Terror, Terror, Hide It, Hide It P/E/Co-W
& The Infidels
2014 Meg Mac Every Lie P/M/E
2013 Meg Mac Known Better P/M/E
2013 The Chemist Silver and Gold P
2012 Morgan Bain Morgan Bain EP P/E
2011 Steve Parkin Mighty Big Light P/Co-W
2011 Eskimo Joe Ghosts of the Past P
2010 The Chemist Lullabies EP P
2010 The Chemist The Wolves’ Howls Shatter P
The Old Glass Moon EP
2006 Eskimo Joe Black Fingernails Red Wine P
(* x 4)
2004 Steve Parkin Sandytown P/M/E
2004 End of Fashion Love Comes In P
2004 Little Birdy This Is a Love Song EP P/M/E
2003 Little Birdy Little Birdy EP P/M/E