John Lee

Composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist John Lee works out of his boutique Phaedra Studios, located in Melbourne Australia. His compositions are inspired by a broad appreciation of music and characterised by a delicate attention to mood and emotion. He has scored for television commercials, theatre, ABC TV and was the composer for seasons 1-5 of Offspring, a Southern Star/Channel Ten production. As Mountains in the Sky he creates cinematic tone-poems that defy general categorisation.

Producer credits

2016- Free Time

2016- Hollow Everdaze

2016- Beaches

2015- The Ocean Party

2015- Worlds End Press

2015- Taipan Tiger Girls

2015- Emily Ulman

2015- Lost Animal

2015- Tim Richmond

2015- Great Outdoors

2015- Small World Experience

2015- Love Of Diagrams

2015- Moon Dice

2014-Bird Traps

2014- Offsrping S5 Score

2013- The Ancients

2013- Pikelet

2013- Offspring S4 Score

2012 Offsrping S3 Score

2011- Lost Animal

2011- Offspring S2 Score

2010- Mystery Twin

2010- Offspring S1 Score

2005-2008- Mountains in the Sky